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Positioning Better – How Jobs to Be Done Can Help Inform Brand Positioning

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Empowering The Consumer Voice to Build Brand Trust: How letting your consumer do the talking, and the driving, can future proof your brand for success.

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Seal of Approval: How TikTok Boosted the COVID Vaccines’ Credibility and Public Acceptance

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Setting Yourself Up for Impact and Utility when Commissioning a Jobs-To-Be-Done Initiative

One of our most successful offerings is Jobs to Be Done (JTBD), inspired by the teachings of the late Clay Christensen. It’s our go-to approach for finding new ways of looking at a client’s business and category particularly when the challenge can benefit from an expanded frame of reference relevant to what people are seeking in products. This opens up tremendous positioning and innovation opportunity. And while many consultancies claim expertise in this space, we have found those outputs are often either re-named “need studies” or they’re creative (but rigor-less) approaches that yield little actionability.

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