life is messy but
not random

Modern life teems with complex relationships, uncertain outcomes and constant change. Without context, behavior appears irrational. Without empathy, motivations feel misguided. We work to reveal meaning from messiness and clarity from chaos.

A passion for
finding patterns

Having thrown ourselves into the messiness of modern life for over a decade, we’re always developing new ways to reveal patterns, predispositions and even predictors of human behavior.

connecting the dots

By exposing the contradiction between what we say and how we behave and revealing the paradox between the life we aspire vs. the life we live, we help brands connect with consumers in the moments that matter most.

Our Values


We believe the ability to think courageously emerges when 
we thoroughly understand a client’s challenge and fully internalize the insights that 
we reveal. Elevating from our foundational critical thinking, our greatest value is creating simple bold solutions to tough challenges.


We believe that ideas get 
better only when smart teammates work together. Asking for help is a strength, never a weakness. We want 
our culture to be fueled 
with collective energy that engages and inspires us 
all every day.


We believe that every voice deserves to be heard. It’s why we work to uplift cultures and illuminate truths that are underrepresented. By including a multitude of perspectives, we enhance the quality of our work, create a more inclusive work environment, and push our thinking in new directions.

with purpose

We believe in the power and vitality of creativity to drive distinctive thinking and breakthrough performance for our clients. Egg truly wins big when the passionate curiosity of the individual/team is honed and curated through the lens of purposeful, disciplined intervention.


We believe that with a well-crafted vision in hand, it’s our magnetic energy and drive-for-action that truly compels others to follow. It’s our magnetic energy and drive-for-action that truly compels others to follow. We believe it is everyone’s obligation to transform belief in what’s possible and ignite a passion for action.