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We combine proprietary research methodologies with the power of our boldest thinking to create high-impact strategies and business-transforming solutions for your brand.


  • Audience
  • Audience
  • Attitude &
    Usage Study
  • Experience &
    Journey Mapping
  • Path-To-Purchase


  • Brand Equity &
    Stretch Mapping
  • Brand Positioning
    & Brand Purpose
  • Communication &
    Content Strategy
  • Experience &
    Engagement Strategy
  • Channel &
    Digital Strategy


  • White Space
  • Innovation &
    Pipeline Strategy
  • Innovation Workshops
    Egg Hatchery™
  • Platform & Concept
  • New Product, Service, &
    Brand Development
Our Tools

an integrated approach
yields high-impact strategy

When projects allow, we combine both qualitative and quantitative learning to create category-defining intelligence. Working in tandem, our qualitative work is more rigorous and our quantitative work is more human-centric. Across all of our work, we create strategies driving business growth and meaningful change.


We live in a world where data is abundant, yet insights are difficult to find. Our Quantitative team is fluent in creating custom studies to get to the heart of your biggest strategic questions with a proven track record of translating data into meaningful insights.



Our qualitative offerings span both traditional and modern methods. We offer a full range of in-depth interviews (in-person and via digital platforms), ethnographic and in-situ exploration, as well as traditional methods and communities. We invented one of the first smartphone research portals so we’re adept at innovative methodologies that deliver deep, honest, and revealing portraits of human behavior, ambition, and sentiment.


Our Approaches

one size does not fit all

From tried-and-true techniques to emerging and innovative methods, we carefully craft the right approach to tackle your biggest challenges.


We don’t just “study” consumers… we enlist, engage, and empower their support in a project. By honoring intelligence and respecting the expertise of their own self-reflection and self-knowledge, consumers play a vital role in helping us build strategic recommendations based on astute and actionable insights.


We get by with a little help from our friends! Egg has access to some of the greatest subject-matter experts and cultural observers worldwide. We frequently pull in collaborators and provocateurs to push and expand our thinking — whether that’s co-creators in a workshop or an advisory panel for a longer term project.

human needs

We leverage the framework of Fundamental Human Needs and Human-Scale Development set forth by the Chilean Economist Manfred Max-Neef (who won the Nobel Prize for this work). Knowing that category engagement occurs when one or more needs are under-met, we link our insights to this framework to identify new opportunities to delight and serve consumers.


We believe Jobs-To-Be-Done is a powerful tool for seeing categories in fresh ways, opening up new frames of reference and sources of volume for innovation and brand positioning. At Egg, we don’t rely on memory or recall but rather in-situation observation at scale to understand when and why a person is choosing a certain product or service at a particular time and place. Our approach is differentiated in its actionability – not only will you gain clear understanding of the jobs, but you’ll know how to “win” each job.


We use an array of tools to map entire categories, defining the broader dynamics shaping the marketplace and pinpointing the competition’s strengths and weaknesses relative to our clients. Our methods help cross-disciplinary teams prioritize what to shore up for competitive distinction and, importantly, where not to spend time and resources in undifferentiated pursuits.


We know that unlocking growth often means changing behavior — which requires understanding how people think, decide and behave. We employ a behavior-led approach to research, first uncovering patterns of behavior and then digging into micro-moments that matter most to close the gap between intention and action. Leveraging the latest behavioral science academic research, we inspire the design of products, services and experiences that help people take positive action in their lives.