We see the humanity behind the data

Our qualitative practice brings a passion for uncovering deep truths, gaining rich understanding and leveraging insights to provide true paths forward for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We view every challenge through a bespoke lens to provide tailored solutions that address specific business objectives. Below are a few examples of how we do it.

digital methodologies

…providing unparalleled access into consumers’ real lives

As pioneers in the mobile ethnography space, we’ve 
long believed in the power of digital methodologies. 
Our Egg Mobile and digital community platforms provide unprecedented access to consumers and their daily lives. We’re able to unlock a deep level of insight by seamlessly connecting with consumers and having them tell us their stories in their own voice, on their own time and turf.

immersive approaches

…capturing consumer truths in moments that matter

We believe immersive engagements with consumers have the power to reveal compelling insight around who they really are, how they behave, and what they believe. These intimate moments of exploration can come to life in a number of ways – by spending time with consumers at their home, accompanying them on a shopping trip, or joining for a night out at a bar with friends. These real-life moments often reflect the deeper narrative.

virtual connections

…facilitating illuminating conversations with consumers across the world

Our commitment to creative rigor can be seen in how we evolve our offerings to reflect today’s digital world. We’re fluent in facilitating virtual one-on-one conversations and discussion groups with consumers around the world and are always finding ways to make these conversations more effective and more insightful.

five principles guiding our qualitative work

leading with 

Treating consumers with empathy while seeking a holistic understanding on a human level always yields the richest learnings.

applying a broader lens

Consumer behavior doesn’t exist in a vacuum. That’s why we’re always looking to understand the broader cultural forces that shape consumer perception and behavior.

converting insights into actions

An insight without understanding is just words on a page. We make sure every insight we uncover also comes with actionable ways forward for your brand.

pushing beyond 
the surface

The most compelling truths rarely lie on the surface. We dig deeper and push beyond the obvious to uncover the most meaningful answers possible.

telling a
strategic story

We pride ourselves on not only finding rich insights but also weaving those insights into narratives that drive change, growth and progress.