finding patterns and predictors
of human behavior

Life is messy but not random, so Egg’s quantitative team is continually developing new ways to unveil the unique patterns and predictors of consumer behavior. And just like no two people are the same, our quantitative approaches are bespoke solutions. We fine tune our methodologies to meet your unique business objectives. Below are a few examples of how we do it.

people type segmentation

…provides a deeper understanding of your consumer 
target and the relevant strategies for growth.

Egg’s Segmentation Analysis uncovers unique segments 
of people based on their underlying attitudes, beliefs and behaviors to reveal opportunities for brand growth. In addition to a consumer framework, we provide a rich illumination of your segments, a detailed strategy outlining high-potential avenues for reaching target segments, and step-by-step means of activating against them.

equity analysis

…uncovers what is truly important to consumers (not just what they can articulate) in order to find new ways for brands to win.

Brand equity is complex and needs to be measured from multiple angles to truly understand it. We use decision tree modeling to gauge which components of your brand are the most and least compelling in order to uncover ways for brands to expand their equity and drive growth.

opportunity mapping

…illuminates white space and provides strategic steps and guardrails to reach that opportunity.

Understanding how consumers associate brands, products and activities across emotional and functional needs is fundamental in understanding how your brand can activate its biggest opportunities. Using visual mapping, we show where your brand is positioned now and how it’s positioned to grow.

five principles guiding our quantitative work

data infused
with humanity

“People First” is the mantra that guides all our quantitative methodologies. Because data about our multi-dimensional lives should never be dry.

simplicity over complexity

From storytelling to design, we keep things rooted and accessible because simple always wins. With sufficient rigor, the truth should be boldly obvious.

establishing our cultural clarity

We craft questions that cross cultures and examine every detail through more than one lens. Epiphanies always come from proper context.

great insight is the result of
great data

When it comes to data collection, engaging questions get compelling answers. Quality in, quality out.

brand-building results

Our strategic solutions and recommendations are purpose-built to grow your brand. Every study is simply a catalyst for action.