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From positioning automotive brands to increasing patient compliance or innovating new food products, forward-thinking companies trust us to get from insight to outcome.
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We go far and wide to uncover the unique needs, motivations and moments that drive consumer behavior.


We unite the power of contextual data with the strength of innovative thinking to bring clarity and inspiration to any challenge.


We add imagination to strategy to shape products and experiences that compel people and drive business

egg cpg

The Egg CPG group works across food and beverage categories, home care and personal care – those high-frequency domains often in need of differentiation and evolving relevance. For our clients, the job is to create products and differentiation in a marketplace of perceived parity and overabundance of choice. We work with the world’s most loved brands as well as start-ups trying to punch above their weight to identify how to be relevant in today’s culture, distinct in their category and different by design.

CPG Case Studies

egg lifestyle

The Egg Lifestyle group explores the multi-dimensional space in which consumers align their lives and values with brands and products. The challenge is navigating the blurry line between aspiration and reality as humans continually experiment with new expressions of identity and experience. Ultimately, the Egg Lifestyle group helps brands succeed by keeping up with our ever-evolving sense of self, informed by the larger cultural landscape as well as the deepest reaches of consumer psychology.

Lifestyle Case Studies

egg health

The Egg Health group unites customer context and creative rigor to deliver empathetic strategies and enhanced experiences for health and wellness brands. We work closely with a range of companies to understand the moments that matter within a disease journey and where brands can have impact vs. their competition. From cancer to health tech we help our clients position products and services, identify key targets, innovate new solutions, and transform brand experiences through thoughtful and specialized health strategies.

Health Case Studies