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A Spotlight on the Fundamental Human Need for Participation

As you may recall from our earlier articles, we are using the lens of Jobs To Be Done to unpack how our Fundamental Human Needs come to life in day-to-day behavior. Our second spotlight on the Fundamental Human Need of “Participation” is fitting because we are all dealing with the resurgence of COVID and restrictions rolling back into place just in time for the holiday season. As such, we’re collectively mourning the togetherness and proximity we experienced during the summer months (even it was socially distanced and in the backyard). The feelings of normalcy associated with social interactions and being active in and around our communities are quickly fading away. What’s left behind are questions like, “Will restaurants survive without another round of stimulus from the Fed?” and “How am I going survive the cold, dark winter stuck at home with my kids?” From coast to coast, young to old, we’re seeking ways to stay positive and remain active and engaged participants in daily life.

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