/ Lifestyle
  • Online mobile ethnography
  • Triads
    • In-depth, 3-person interviews
  • Brand Activation workshop
  • 6 Brand Territories for potential activation
    • Consumer voice/work summary¬†(Phase 1)
    • Integrated consumer voice and brand positioning playbook (Phase 2)

Visual ID and Brand Refresh

The Challenge

A widely used cash back program came to us asking to evolve their brand visual identity and personality to help grow their consumer base and reach a rapidly growing and lucrative segment of theirs.

path forward

To do so, we developed forward thinking brand personalities. Utilizing an iterative and collaborative approach that tested and refined the personality multiple times, we strategically landed on a personality that had the most resonance, relevance, and relatability with consumers.


We concluded with a collaborative activation session that developed actionable tasks to directly bring to their marketing team. The final deliverable laid out steps that will strategically and sequentially evolve the brand to the new personality. Now, the brand is armed with both a strategic and tactical path forward to grow their current consumer base while attracting new users.