/ Lifestyle
  • Qualitative Discovery: Mobile ethnography and in-depth friendship ethnography
  • Quantitative Study: Bespoke survey
  • Global People Types and Need States segmentation, with adaptation for local markets
  • Global segmentation solution, including rich profiles for each segment and typing tool
  • Country and category-specific need maps
  • Synthesis of qualitative and quantitative insights, shared out in an-person workshop

Understanding Premium Beauty Consumers to Push Innovation

The Challenge

A widely-known, international beauty brand came to Egg Strategy because they wanted to understand premium beauty consumers- their mindsets, needs, and occasions that govern their usage of beauty products. The ultimate goal of this research was to provide our client with a ground up approach to targeting the right consumers, in the right occasions, with the right products.

Path Forward

The Egg team spent a week with 60 premium beauty consumers, from the US, China, and Japan, sharing and documenting their relationship with beauty and skincare. We then conducted a segmentation of 3,000 premium beauty consumers, gaining insight into their beauty use occasions, needs from beauty products, and their perspectives and attitudes toward their own beauty and personal care routines.


We were able to gain a more holistic understanding of the diverse range of consumers (both globally and within the US, China and Japan) that exist within the premium beauty category, as well as the variety of occasions and mindsets that drive their behavior with the beauty products they use. This combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis allowed us to both arm our client with key considerations to the changing premium beauty landscape as well as identify multiple segment targets to use in both communication and innovation efforts moving forward.