• Expert interviews
  • Retail category exploration
  • Online consumer ethnography
  • Follow-up “friendship group” triads
  • Target Insight Framework
  • Strategic guidelines and opportunities for rebranding

Uncovering the path from every day to luxury for Italian wine

The Challenge

This wine producer had long been known for their accessible, everyday wines, but for 140 years, they had also been producing high-end Tuscan wine—without getting credit for it. With an ambition to become the iconic fine wine Tuscan red house, this producer sought to understand how the luxury wine drinker navigates the category to determine if and how they have a right to win in this space.

Path Forward

Through a mix of qualitative methods, we worked to understand this consumer’s relationship with luxury, Italian wine and our client’s brand. By talking to industry experts and conducting an online community followed by friendship group interviews, we uncovered the key brand and category perception barriers to overcome as well as the secrets to showing up like a high-end wine.


Our team leveraged a Target Insight Framework to articulate the brand essence, bringing together the consumer insight, the cultural truth and the brand philosophy to land a single, driving point of inspiration for the team to bring forward in their rebranding efforts. Inspired by the world of Italian luxury goods, we identified opportunities to build a fantasy around Tuscany and the brand that could redefine how high-end wine drinkers experience luxury Italian wine.