008 / CPG
  • Journey Maps across 4 key segments
  • Persona Development
  • Concepts to bring CX ideas to life

Transforming the Customer Experience (CX)

The Challenge

A nationwide ingredient supplier sought to better understand their customers, ranging from global CPGs to snack startups, to better serve and innovate for their unique business needs.

Path Forward

In-depth interviews across 4 key segments illuminated the day-to-day, goals, and struggles of customers across industries and roles (primarily R&D and procurement). Customer personas and journeys captured learnings and inspired CX innovation concepts, which Egg tested in an online community.


The work established an actionable CX vision and strategy grounded in customer realities. This client now has a rich picture of how different customer types operate, how they can evolve their business to be a top supplier partner, and how to connect their expanding portfolio of products and services with the right customer types.