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Consumer Quote

I'm more picky about what I am drinking. I won't just pick up things I may have used to drink when I was younger, like sweet tea with a bunch of sugar… I'm looking at things like sugar and what benefits am I getting from what I’m drinking.

Reinvigorating the Juice Category Through Innovation

The Challenge

A beloved juice brand had continued to see some growth during the pandemic, but realized the category needs new life brought in with fresh ideas. They needed to identify the right audiences to stretch into, develop new product concepts, and understand how best to introduce and sustain these offers in the crowded market.

Path Forward

Egg uncovered deep insights around these cohorts in an online community with product placement to develop innovation platforms, which served as the foundation for an immersive, in-person ideation (our Hatchery) with cross-functional client teams.


With hundreds of ideas strategically narrowed to a handful of quantitively-tested concepts, we created an actionable playbook and pipeline for roll out. From sensory guardrails to design targets, this client now understands how to deploy their new opportunities in a way that connects with key consumers and elevates and will grow their brand.