002 / CPG

A multinational bakery product manufacturing company

  • Qualitative
    • Mobile Ethnography
    • Consumer Shop-a-longs
  • Quantitative
    • Brand Equity
    • Jobs Prioritization
    • Product concept test
    • Innovation Ideation (Hatchery)
    • Strategic Activation Session
  • Audience Insights
  • Opportunity (Jobs-to-Be-Done) Mapping
  • Brand Equity Analysis Whitespace
  • Product Innovation & Pipeline
Client Love

“Egg provided thought provoking, actionable insights that our organization will use for years to come. In a category challenged by changing consumer dynamics, Egg identified multiple avenues for growth and differentiation. Impressive work.”

-VP, Strategy and Innovation

Pushing against category trends to ignite growth amidst shifting consumer preferences in a stale category


How to unlock opportunities for growth amidst shifting consumer preferences?

As people reconsidered and in some cases – rejected – the value of “traditional” bread in their diets, a multinational baking company approached Egg for help identifying growth opportunities and building out an innovation pipeline.

path forward

Defining moments in which bread can win

We looked at the ways people were using bread and “bread-like objects” in-context and in-the-moment to determine the variety of Jobs to Be Done, how bread can do these Jobs differently or better than their substitutes, and how our client’s brands can best compete. To do this, we used a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to prioritize the Jobs and steer us toward how to bring these ideas to life through innovation.


Fresh ideas to invigorate a stale category

Using our prioritized Jobs to focus our efforts, we then used cultural trends to push our thinking to create innovation springboards that led to hundreds of product ideas both close-in and far out. After concepts testing, our client had a full-pipeline of ideas including ones in stores now.