• Quantitative Study: kombucha drinkers vs non-kombucha drinkers
  • Key Metric Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Deep Dive
  • Brand Tracker – Brand Health Scorecards

Product Optimization & Brand Positioning

The Challenge

The venture arm of a brewing company had recently invested in a few better-for-you (read: gluten free, lower ABV) drinks, including a hard kombucha brand. The brand needed to identify a target market, optimize the current formulation and packaging, and develop a strategic positioning to guide future ad campaigns and social media presence.

Path Forward

Egg Strategy’s quant team leveraged a variety of advanced methodologies, creating a custom survey to determine key on-pack claims, optimize future favors and amount of ABV, and stand out from the competition in key geographies.


Armed with the quant findings, the Egg team also designed and led a positioning workshop. We analyzed consumer, cultural, and category trends, as well as the brand’s current strengths, to land a competitive, yet authentic new positioning and write a compelling brand story.