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  • Qual Exploration
  • Ideation using springboards and Behavioral Economics principles
  • Concept Mapping
  • Illuminated path forward for 4 concepts across a strategic roadmap

Innovating with Behavioral Economics Principles to ​Support Adult Immunization

The Challenge

As adult immunizations remain at a rate lower than desired, a pharmaceutical company’s medical team approached Egg to understand how they could be better partners to Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and develop solutions to support IDNs’ adult immunization efforts. 

Path Forward

Egg first leveraged a two-pronged research approach with internal stakeholder interviews and in-depth interviews with IDN administrators and clinicians to illuminate the adult immunization process, focusing on key emotions, tensions and barriers currently inhibiting the process, as well as to understand which IDNs to prioritize for partnerships. Then Egg hosted a two-day ideation workshop leveraging Behavioral Economics principles to brainstorm solutions with the pharmaceutical company before co-creating these ideas with end-users of diverse perspectives in a two-hour Shark Tank to improve upon the ideas. 


In the end, Egg identified four prioritized support solutions for the pharma medical team to focus on as well as four questions to guide which IDNs they partner with. These support solutions and guiding questions will not only help the pharma medical team build more trusting, collaborative partnerships with their IDN clients but also raise adult immunization rates.