003 / Health

A multinational pharmaceutical company

  • Qualitative
    • Hatchery workshop
    • New product concept development
    • Rapid consumer iteration & refinement groups
  • Virtual Innovation Hatchery Workshop
BASES Ready Concepts
  • Product Innovation Pipeline Map

Innovating for new growth by stretching beyond immune defense


How to innovate for new growth in immune defense?

A large consumer health brand with strong equity in immunity came to Egg to understand how they could stretch to a new benefit space – energy.

path forward

Innovating consumer-relevant, brand–right products

The Egg team unlocked growth for the brand by developing a winning energy platform that identified territories with great unmet consumer needs. They also determined that for the brand to stretch believably, it must remain anchored in existing brand equities and identified opportunities for the brand to do just that. Through a highly generative, virtual innovation work session and rapid consumer feedback groups, the Egg team developed a pipeline of new product ideas to test quantitatively.

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Unlocking new growth for a brand that felt ‘stuck’

Identifying the opportunities to innovate while staying anchored in brand equities enabled our client to develop and pursue new growth while maintaining believability from consumers. Going forward, the brand can now create new SKUs with a deeper and more holistic understanding of the opportunity space that fits within the product brand architecture.