003 / CPG

A Snack and Chip Manufacturing Company

  • Agile Innovation Sprint
    • Culture/Category Trends
    • Ideation Workshop (Hatchery)
    • Creative Concept Development + Illustrations
    • Consumer Concept Iteration
  • Product Innovation Pipeline
  • Concepts for Testing
Client Love

“From the very beginning, we were impressed by the Egg team and thought they were great strategic thought partners. We appreciated their quality of work and their ability to help us find strategic and targeted areas to innovate for our target consumers. The Innovation Sprint was well done and helped deliver hundreds of concepts that addressed our brief, our consumer and our brand. The result was the most effective and most productive ideation sprint I have been part of. Everyone was great to work with, and we collaborated as a team, which was critical in getting us to the final 30 concepts we were very excited to take to a quantitative screen. Thanks for the agility in getting us to a strong set of ideas for these new consumers!”

-Marketing Manager, Front End Innovation

Innovating for a new generation of consumers while taking this iconic snack brand to a promising new product pipeline in sprint speed


How to innovate an iconic snack food brand for new generation of snackers?

Cheetos was looking to reinvigorate its brand with the next generation of target consumers so they partnered with Egg to kickstart an innovation pipeline with new and exciting offerings that would spark intrigue, share-worthiness and drive purchase of this classic, iconic brand.

path forward

Feeding the innovating pipeline, quickly

We embraced this challenge with an agile innovation sprint — using our knowledge of the brand’s new consumer target to create highly-generative Innovation Springboards centered on key consumer tensions. Through a carefully-designed ideation workshop stocked with intentional and engaging activities, we yielded a large volume – and wide variety – of new (very on-brief) concepts in just one day. We then collaborated cross-functionally to determine feasibility and took the final concepts into refinement groups with target consumers.


“the most effective and most productive ideation sprint I have been part of”

This innovation sprint equipped the brand with a set of 30 refined concepts for the Cheetos lines that went beyond its famous flavor, kickstarting an impactful pipeline for this new generation of Cheetos consumers.