• Online Communities
  • Virtual IDIs
  • Brand Positioning
  • Insights to Action Final Report

Illumination of a Muse Target

The Challenge

A beloved soup company came to Egg with the hopes of illuminating their consumer, a historically male target for a  traditionally masculine brand. To inform innovation and communication strategy, the brand sought to discover and redefine the human side of its strategic target.

Path Forward

Egg learned from users and non-users through an online community and virtual IDI’s to stretch the client’s understanding of their audience when it comes to gender and identity and separating who the brand is from who their target is.


We delivered rich insights that highlighted key opportunity areas and strategic recommendations for the brand to refocus its approach to innovation and communication to better deliver on the needs of this newly expanded view of its target consumer. The work has since been heralded by the client team and its agency partners a crucial piece for the brand’s path forward.