001 / CPG
  • Qualitative
    • Longitudinal mobile ethnography (4 fields per year)
  • Quantitative
    • Opportunity mapping and brand laddering analytics
  • Opportunity + Brand Stretch Mapping
  • Brand Positioning + Narrative
  • Strategy for Creative Communications

Helping Pepsi manifest its brand purpose to ignite passion and growth in a way that inspires the organization and its creative partners


How can a portfolio of brands rally around a brand purpose?

After internally rallying around a new brand purpose, PepsiCo came to Egg to explore how their consumers define joy in their lives at 4 key moments throughout the year. This work was designed to help inspire creative marketing opportunities across their carbonated soft drink portfolio.

path forward

Ways to maximize the brand footprint

Through a robust, nationwide quantitative study we uncovered 9 distinct ways that people experience joy in their lives and which brands, products and activities fit those moments best. We then dove deep through mobile ethnography to capture live, in-the-moment examples of how it comes to life with the brand’s loyal users – from spontaneous trips to Disney to going to a rodeo to loving their soda, with no apologies.


Fine-tuned communications that amplified consumers’ love for the brand

Our work served as the foundational springboard for our clients’ creative agencies, serving as a north star for creative development. It informed new campaigns and the creation of Pepsi’s first new tagline in 20 years…“That’s What I Like”.