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“It is very important that a show speak to the Black community, showing that we matter. In the history of entertainment, Black people have been forgotten and ignored. Our cultures have been ignored; our presence ignored. Therefore, to have shows that show us we matter, that we too deserve entertainment is priceless and important.”


of black consumers said “People like me are too often misrepresented or stereotyped in TV shows and movies” compared to 38% in the General Public

Getting to content that connects deeply with Black viewers through insights that open up exciting new opportunities for engagement


How to better engage Black viewers?

Our client was a streaming service that had broad household penetration across the US but underindexed with Black consumers. They came to Egg to understand how to strengthen their relationship with these viewers in a more engaging, empathetic and relatable way.

path forward

Insight that liberates misrepresentation

Through conversations with Black viewers – including a 40-person online community and follow-up in-depth interviews – as well as expert interviews, we discovered the values, motivations and life challenges impacting these viewers, as well as their entertainment and technology attitudes. We learned that Black consumers felt that despite recent progress, today’s entertainment continues to paint them in negative, one-dimensional ways. Most importantly, they revealed, “I rarely see the real me on tv.”
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A better way to empathize and engage

Our insights drove the development of two major creative campaigns, and the work continues to inspire our client’s approach towards connecting with Black audiences. With a deeper understanding of their target audience’s perspectives and pain points around media, the streaming service is now better positioned to meaningfully engage Black viewers – and to do it with authenticity and empathy.