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  • Qualitative
    • Mobile Ethnography
    • Virtual Friendship Dyads
    • Virtual IDIs
  • Mid-Project Insights Work Session
  • Insights-to-Activation Work Session
  • Audience Illumination
  • White Space Identification for Product Development
  • Opportunities for Product Design
Key Insight

“I think this video game appeals to a lot of people but especially athletes. I used to be an athlete so I think I could relate, but I don’t play sports anymore so I do not think this person would be like me.”

- mobile ethnography respondent

Future-proofing a beloved sports video game for American players by unlocking whitespace opportunity for game design


disengagement amongst new and lapsed players

As one of the most popular and highest-grossing sports video games across the world, this franchise has a storied legacy of double-digit growth and fierce loyalty. However, particularly in the United States, where the sport is less ingrained in the fabric of everyday culture, this title struggled to captivate new players or lapsed players.

path forward

unlocking whitespace

We engaged not only the new and lapsed players, but also its loyal core players, so we could unpack the drivers and barriers to gameplay for all key audiences and illuminate whitespaces for future game design. Understanding the unique relationship American gamers had with the sport was critical to finding opportunities to grow and capture new audiences.


Designing for loyalty

Armed with deep player insights and category learnings, the Egg team created a series of design principles and collaborated with the client teams for a virtual insights-to-action workshop to explore and vet potential paths forward. The team is now designing against this central brief for future titles from this franchise.