007 / CPG
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Mobile Ethnography
  • People Segmentation
  • Occasion Segmentation
  • Activation Framework (People x Occasion Segmentation)

Finding the Magic in a Saturated Category

The Challenge

How to identify and attract new consumers for growth
A new premium coffee brand had experienced exponential growth by positioning itself as uniquely bold and strong and by driving a significant portion of sales from brand loyalists. To deliver continuous growth and grow distribution, the brand needed to discover the right new consumer growth target and understand what occasions exist beyond a caffeine boost to help them win over this new consumer target.

Path Forward

Multi-layered segmentation 
Through qualitative conversations with brand loyalists and potential customers and two robust quantitative segmentations–people-type and occasion-type, we segmented the brand’s market and identified a path forward.


Who to win over, and how
We identified the brand’s unique assets, its “emotional truth”, needed to retain its core loyal customer base, a growth target that would most efficiently drive brand growth, and several key consumption occasions where the brand could best win over their growth target. Bolstered by engaging activation sessions, this growth roadmap provided our client with the clarity and tools to orchestrate all marketing functions, from product to promotion, to lead the company into its next stage of growth.