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A personal style service for men and women that combines technology with style experience

  • Qualitative:
    • Mobile Ethnography
    • In-home Interviews with Professionally-Produced Videos for Each Persona
  • Quantitative:
    • Segment Iteration and Illumination
    • Final Activation Work Session
  • Audience Illumination
  • Consumer Targeting Strategy
Key Insight

“Fashion is what you do that represents you. It’s positive because you determine what’s a reflection of you. It isn’t pressure because I determine what fashion is to me.”

– Mobile Ethnography Respondent


say “My personal style is something that builds my confidence”

Fashioning an effective consumer strategy that aligns the entire organization – from merchandising to styling to marketing


Turning data into action

Data can tell us a lot about customer behavior and purchasing patterns, but data without context can create confusion. An online retailer struggled to make sense of their consumer audiences and partnered with Egg to make the data human and actionable.

path forward

The power of personas

We designed a multi-pronged approach to understand the brand’s target consumers on a deeper level. By integrating learnings from a weeklong mobile ethnography and a quantitative study, we uncovered the driving perceptions, behaviors and interests of different groups of consumers. We then used in-home interviews and a professional videographer to bring color and richness to these illustrations, creating rich personas to share across the organization and with agency partners.

Stitch Fix Clothing Rack


A unified approach, powered by data in context

Armed with a nuanced understanding, the brand was able to create a more informed and targeted strategy to reach their consumers. The work shaped everything from merchandising and styling to communications and messaging to media targeting and so much more.