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A New Zealand-based wine brand that embraces flavor as its core philosophy

  • Qualitative
    • Friendship Groups
    • Strategic Activation Session
  • Audience Illumination
  • Consumer Targeting Strategy
Key Insight

“This wine fits in with any sort of party, day or night, or a casual night in. If you are bringing a wine to share, you want everyone to love it, and this is a solid wine that everyone likes. You can buy a case or two for a party and you’re good… it’s just a great-tasting wine that has a touch of class, like a notch above the rest. When I bring it to gatherings, I think ‘high five, you’ve done well.’ It’s confirmation that it’s a job well done.”

- Focus group respondent

Cultivating empathy to drive business in the crowded wine market by identifying what lies underneath brand love and purchase


Who are our consumers, really? And why do they love our brand?

A popular wine brand was looking to get to know their consumers on an intimate level and unpack what it was that these consumers (or “devotees” as they called them) loved about the brand. We knew this meant that we needed to go beyond the functional (price, taste, etc.) and dig into the emotional connection and associations that these devoted consumers tied to their brand. This understanding would drive future brand communications that speak directly to their core target while also bringing in new consumers.

path forward

The wine with confidence you can borrow.

Through a series of friendship groups, Egg had raw and real conversations with the core target and dug into their aspirations, tensions, motivations and values. We learned that the devotee was outwardly self-assured, but inside she grappled with insecurities and struggled with fear of judgement from others. Ultimately, she knows that ‘life opens up when you do,’ and she pushes on to emerge as the best version of herself. During this struggle, this wine brand is the confidence she can borrow.

Woman drinking wine at table with friends


A “best in class consumer illumination”

With a personal image and muse of the devotee engrained in their minds, this consumer now has a seat at the table during every brand conversation. The client team was able to successfully move forward executing creative campaigns and making decisions with her at the forefront. The work is still referred to internally as a “best in class example of consumer illumination” and her story is told beyond the brand team, impacting the company at large.