006 / CPG
  • High-level operational plan (where to play, how to win)
  • Prioritized Initiative(s)
  • Board Meeting support documents
  • Learning Plan for Organic Pathway

Developing a business plan for innovation and viability

The Challenge

What are the right bets to catapult business growth 10x?
Under a new global CEO, our clients were tasked to grow their US business from $50MM to $500MM and successfully diversify the business in less than four years. They came to Egg to explore growth opportunities beyond the scope of existing base business initiatives that presented both strong growth potential and scalability.

Path forward

Blending “where to play” and “how to win” to drive success.

We employ an approach that leads with an emotionally-engaging, consumer-relevant plan for growth while leveraging quantitative insights into brand equity to drive distinction in the marketplace and clarity for investments. In this case, we used this insight to identify several potential paths forward for the business, including a migration path for organic growth and acquisition/partnership opportunities.


A process + product for other markets to mimic.

The work shaped and informed the U.S. team’s strategy and learning plans. The global CEO and Board members called the process and outputs “an example for other markets to follow,” and the team is currently executing across inorganic and organic paths to growth.