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Designing for Kids

The Challenge

This major retailer recognized that when it came to apparel and shopping, it was under-servicing an often overlooked person – little in stature but big in decision making  the Kid Guest.  The company had little understanding of what kids wanted when it came to apparel and the shopping experience so they partnered with Egg Strategy to uncover the motivations, desires, needs and dissatisfactions of kids (ages 4-12) when shopping at Big Retail 

The Scope

The project objective was to create pillars for both product and experiential innovation that would ultimately reestablish the brand as a destination for kids’ apparel within an increasingly competitive category. We approached the project in four stages  interviews with industry insiders, an online community with kids and their parents, in-person ethnographies and shop-alongs, and a share-out and work session with the brand’s designers, guest experience and marketing teams to bring the findings to life. 

The Impact

Our learnings and design principles were applied system-wide and led to the creation and launch of their very own kids clothing brand, as well as to renovations to floor pad design and merchandizing within the kids’ apparel section. This internal brand is now the stores biggest selling brand for kids!