005 / CPG

Brightseed, Series A Food-Tech Start Up

  • Quantitative
    • Audience Illumination
    • Claims Hierarchy
    • Product Evaluation
  • Consumer Positioning Iteration Groups
  • Brand Positioning Compass
  • Strategic Activation Session
  • Audience Definition + Insights
  • Masterbrand Positioning
  • Positioning Framework for Pipeline
Client Love

Working with the Egg team was a game-changer for a fast-moving startup of our (Series A) size. In two months they conducted quant research on our first product and provided much-needed direction on our go-to-market plan including the consumer we should target, the right product formats and claims, and the best B2B partners for launch. They also led insightful qualitative research and a brand work session with the founding team to set foundational strategy, notably the consumer-facing positioning for our Masterbrand and first product. They were a smart, agile extension of my team that could get in the trenches with me and solve problems right out of the gate. I am forever grateful to them for setting me and Brightseed up for success.

- Director of Brand Marketing

Defining a consumer-forward commercialization strategy for the successful brand launch of this innovative food-tech disrupter


How do you establish a new-to-world ingredient brand in functional foods?

Brightseed (a highly innovative Series A food-tech start up on a mission to enable a healthier future by illuminating and activating the connections between people and plants) was looking to launch its brand as a game changer in the functional food space. Seeking to understand how to translate the science of what Brightseed offers into a go-to-market consumer strategy, they worked with Egg to refine the consumer target, understand compelling benefits and proof-points and establish a master brand positioning that would set their pipeline up for success, inspiring future investors and production partners.

path forward

Translating the science story to the consumer story

Egg designed an approach that leveraged several consumer touchpoints to understand how Brightseed could best go to market with its first ingredient – how to talk about the health benefits, understand the most convincing claims, explore language accessibility and determine the best fit for product formats and CPG partnerships. We then used these insights to explore different master brand and product-level positioning areas with consumers, before workshopping with the founding partners and stakeholders to set the positioning.


Solidifying the sell story

With a clear framework now in place at both the master brand and product level, this startup was grounded with the consumer insights, category analysis and positioning needed to effectively help forge partnerships with CPG companies, retailers and investors to get Brightseed to market.