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  • Faux “pop-up shop” qualitative in-situ research
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Key stakeholder collaboration
  • R&D insights and opportunity brief
  • Brand positioning foundational strategy
  • Go-to-market insights and strategic guidelines

Creating a new brand and harnessing the power of new-to-world technology


A global and widely successful outdoor recreation products company, with a reputation for innovation and industry-leading technology, came to us shortly after they invented an entirely new textile and construction process. The team asked Egg to help them consider the commercial opportunity for a new sub-brand within the brand family.

Path Forward

Egg established a disruptive innovation framework to listen, learn, and leverage insights across a spectrum of methodologies and approaches.  From stakeholder collaboration sessions and user testing, we created five potential future visions for the brand.  Then, additional testing with consumers helped us deconstruct and recreate the most alluring and distinctive vision for the brand.  Finally, a short and long-term strategy plan detailed the action needed to bring this brand to life.


The result is an innovative construction technique available in-market today – a revolutionary weaving process that helps the brand stay substantially ahead of market competitors with a technical product that’s easily understood and valued by both the brand’s consumer base and prospects. Additionally, the innovative technology reinforces and expands the brands market share.