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  • Telehealth Implementation Playbook
    • Best practices
    • Goals to accomplish
    • Watch outs
    • Real world case studies

Changing the face of healthcare


What are the steps and resources physicians and clinics need to support telehealth implementation?

The American Medical Association asked Egg to craft a playbook for success to support physicians and clinicians looking to implement telehealth to promote continuity of care and increase patients’ access to healthcare.

Path Forward

Illuminating a path to successful implementation

Egg outlined a vision for the playbook by synthesizing insights gathered through in-depth interviews and collaborative focus groups with physicians, advanced practice providers, and administrators who had successfully implemented telehealth solutions at their practices. The vision was then validated with end users via an online co-creation community. In the end, Egg mapped the successful path to implementation, helping clinicians and administrators overcome key barriers to operationalizing Telehealth, such as reimbursement and licensure, and outline critical goals to accomplish, best practices, watch outs, and real-world case studies to aid along the way.


Actionable output supporting pandemic-led surge in telehealth

Although the work began well in advance of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Telehealth Implementation Playbook was ready for release just weeks into the pandemic’s arrival in the United States, ultimately helping clinics across the country implement telehealth in order to safely maintain routine and urgent care amid the pandemic. The playbook has already been downloaded over 14,000 times from the medical advocacy association’s website and the White House has leveraged the contents to inform national telehealth policy decisions.