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Beyond the Resume: Positioning for Disruption

The Challenge

The job search category had been disrupted by technology making it ever easier to search and apply for jobs. The results? Spray & pray with consumers sending out hundreds of resumes at the click of a button and HR managers bombarded with irrelevant candidates. This industry employment leader had been at the forefront of this disruption, and wanted to take another step forward as an innovator in the category.

Path Forward

Following a Brand Compass work session to create potential positioning pathways, Egg embarked on global qualitative research to understand the dynamics of the category and optimize the positioning areas.  Pairing the findings with a global brand equity study, we were able to identify the richest whitespace opportunity for the brand – a positioning that appealed to both job and talent seekers.


The brand is in the process of developing a global creative platform to live into their new positioning. Backed by qual and quant data, they are moving the brand away from a functional space “we help people get jobs” to a more emotional and much needed direction of helping to show what you can do. The core message has been used to link product offerings to the emotional needs of consumers during the job seeking process who want to be seen as more than just their resume.