005 / CPG
  • Illumination of consumer behaviors and barriers to the category
  • Ideation + creation of tactics to use across the purchase funnel - from awareness to consideration and purchase.
  • Strategies for pricing/promotions, retail environment, the product itself, and comms
Consumer quote:

It’s so overwhelming! For some reason the freezer section of the store overwhelms me faster than the regular shelves. I think it’s because it’s harder to search for items or notice new items when they are hidden behind doors. I hate to stand there reading things with the door open so many times I’ll give up quicker than a regular shelf."

Applying Behavioral Economics to Unlock the Plant-Based Meat Market

The Challenge

What’s keeping people from taking the plunge?

In just a few years, the plant-based food industry had gone from niche to (seemingly) mainstream. Industry sales were increasing, investment was up, more consumers than ever claimed to be joining the movement…and yet household penetration among frozen meatless alternatives was flat. Our client came to Egg with the goal of understanding what was keeping people from taking the plunge in the space and to design the right nudge to encourage conversion.

Path Forward

Applying behavioral economics to identify and overcome barriers.

The Egg team applied behavioral economics in answer to this challenge, defining our desired behaviors, understanding the mental models at work for consumers as they navigated the frozen meatless category, and designing trial activation strategies.  These tactics helped overcome existing barriers and enabled desired behaviors with packaging, communications, promotions, and product solutions.


Designing tactical solutions for meaningful growth.

Since wrapping the work with Egg Strategy at the end of 2019, our client has seen their frozen meatless alternative brand generate the strongest growth within its frozen foods business, hitting over $400m in sales with significant room to expand.