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I love Cranium - as a company and as a brand of wonderful games. Cranium sets out to create "lighten-and-enlighten experiences, a unique combination of laughter and learning that gives everyone a chance to shine. People...laugh and feel and connect, but at the same time they...get smarter." What a remarkable idea. At a time when entertainment and gaming have created solitary, mind-numbing and sometimes violent moments, Cranium set out to create group experiences that give players a chance to "Gather, Glow, and Grow". And their big brand idea is supported by a line of unique, differentiated, mildly educational products that live up to the mandatories of their purpose: Clever, High-Quality, Innovative, Friendly, and Fun. Making proprietary board games when the rest of the industry was creating licensed and electronic toys certainly wasn't a no-brainer follower strategy. Cranium set out to disrupt the industry, from their launch through Starbucks (the perfect editor to lend credibility to their offering) to their new products today. It's an inspiring company and a brand that stands for something. Think about what this model could mean in your industry. What could lightening and enlightening experiences mean for your brands and products?

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