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knorr red soupI love this new idea from Knorr Soup in Canada. Rather than innovate with fancy ingredients like Organic Tuscan sun-dried baby tomatoes, they've gone back to basics with a brilliantly simple idea based on sound nutrition.  They've just launched a new line of ready-to-eat vegetable soups that are simply known by the colors of the ingredients - hence red soup (tomato, red pepper, paprika - there's beets too, but I'm guessing their research told them that beets were "polarizing" so they just left that ingredient off the main list).  Also in the line is yellow soup (corn, summer squash, yellow carrot), orange (butternut squash, carrot and curry) and green peas, spinach and chives). The nutritional rationale is that your diet should be colorful as different colored veggies have different properties.  How easy is that - what a great idea.


I love it, especially for getting kids to eat their vegitables. Your average 4-year-old is not asking for the beet bisque, but red soup sounds just right

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