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The success and ubiquity of the Wassup campaign for Budweiser 8 years ago means that you can probably close your eyes and picture those guys watching the game and having a Bud - they are permanently linked to the brand. This makes "Wassup '08" quite a powerful proposition - even though it is using comedy to make a political point and "does not reflect the opinion of Anheuser-Busch", it is still drawing on that goodwill. The original Bud spot was inspired by a short film created by Charles Stone (the first guy on the couch who answers the phone), so was originally an unbranded piece of film.  Obviously through the Bud campaign, it became commercialized and essentially owned by the Budweiser brand.  With this new spot, the whole piece has tried to reassert that commercial independence and attempted to throw off the brand association and make a political point. However, it really hasn't - the link to Bud will still be the main reference point to this piece and the brand association will still be there despite the disclaimers. Testament to the power of brands and a definite link back to Budweiser (good or bad) depending on how you intend to vote in 7 days.  2 million views on You Tube already. Thanks to Amelia for posting this one.

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