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  • Over the Shoulder® got us insights into real-life moments that we've never been able to fully explore before. The level of candor we got from our audience through the app rather than through having a live person there was pretty stunning.

    Staci Ball
    Director, Corporate Innovation and Discovery 
    The Clorox Company
    Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods

  • Any time a complex challenge arises inside Kraft , I recommend Egg Strategy.  They have some of the most provocative research approaches, and their ability to look at a problem differently from the very beginning leads to more insightful solutions.  Even when our team feels they’ve turned over every stone, Egg always manages to find a fresh angle we haven’t considered.

    Quote from Christine Faldetta, Senior Brand Strategist, Kraft Foods


  • My partnership with Egg Strategy was successful for two main reasons. First, the Eggs that worked on my team brought vast experience from different clients and industries that we applied to my business. This was invaluable. Second, the learning and exploration process was designed and continually tailored just for me. It was a living, breathing project and I was able to be involved throughout.

    J. Michael Joergensen
    Marketing Director


  • Egg has consistently delivered and wowed the teams here with exceptional exploration and insight. They have been instrumental in demonstrating the power of taking the time to uncover the (patient) needs of the marketplace and utilizing those need states as the foundation for positioning and communication strategies. Importantly, the Egg team establishes credibility and rapport with the internal Client core teams. 

    Pamela Stewart
    Director, Consumer Market Research 


  • Egg’s Needographic study is the cornerstone of our strategic and tactical planning. It touches every aspect of our business because it is customized to our needs at every point in its development through close collaboration and partnership.

    Jill Marchick
    Director, Consumer Insights


  • Egg Strategy seamlessly blends art (through creative thinking) and science (through analytic ability) to deliver innovative solutions that build brands and drive business results. We first hired the Egg team during my time at Calphalon, where they helped deliver the most successful new product launch in Calphalon’s 40-year history. No surprise that I hired them to work the same magic the minute I landed at Valspar. My relationship with Egg is a long-term marriage, not a fleeting affair.

    Susanne Champ
    Director of Marketing
    Calphalon and Valspar