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Over the Shoulder

  • Specialist - Survey Design & Programming, The Over The Shoulder Company
  • Managing Director, The Over The Shoulder Company
  • Director of Sales and Marketing

Now@Egg Our views on innovation, design, branding & media

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    Nike has a new cause. It's based on the fact that for the first time in history, the current generation of children are expected to have a lower life expectancy (by 5 years) than their parents.  The...
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    These are awesome.  I love an $8 shoe makeover!  And the website is great too.  Check out to see the story they've created for each color.  Yesterday I bought three pairs... sucked in...
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      Dear Mysterious Heart Poster Person,   Thank you for spreading the love. Whoever you are.  <3 Egg 
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    I just got a new phone. I love it. Everything seems totally seamless now. I can stay connected to the people I love, the work I do and have access to all the information that I "need" whenever I want...
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    We're big fans of Mini cars at Egg and are loving that the brand is striving to retain those hipster drivers as their lives change by adding bigger vehicles to the fleet. However, like all good...
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      Teaching an old dog a new trick is difficult business. When it comes to advertising, the classic billboard is about as old a hound of the print breed that you'll find. Sometimes they move, wave,...
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    How long do new brands have to create an impact?  I'm not talking about how long a company will give a new brand in market. I am talking about how much of a consumer's time can a new brand expect to...
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    I'm a huge fan of Marc Newson's work with Ikepod.  The Hemipod watch is on my lifetime wishlist.  Occasionally I'll visit the website just to drool a bit.  This time I was totally captivated by the...
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      The city of Detroit once stood tall, a shinning beacon of American capitalism, culture and character. The legacy of Henry Ford and the assembly line, a thriving middle-class, and an automotive...
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      Three decades ago, only the brightest minds of academia could pore over the dense pages of journals in the libraries of prestigious universities. Then, with the advent of the internet and databases...
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      Imagine the ability to be a true “voyeur” as a brand marketer.  iPhone and Android technology is allowing marketers to stretch far beyond the traditional focus groups and in-home interviews to...
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    I'm loving the tape art that Stephen Doyle (Doyle Partners) created for the latest NYTimes Magazine article "What if the Secret to Success Is Failure?"  Click on the link to see the article and a...


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